The Embassy has a total staff of 51 people. The Ambassador is H.E. Mr. Svein O. Sæther, and the Deputy Chief of Mission is Minister Counsellor Ms. Kristin Iglum.

Staff at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing:

H.E. Mr. Svein Ole Sæther, Ambassador

Ms. Kristin Iglum, DCM, Minister Counsellor

Mr. Jan Wilhelm Grythe, Counsellor, Development

Mr. Gustav Solvang, Counsellor, Economy

Ms. Hildegunn Almås, Counsellor, Adm/Consular Affairs

Mr. Ola Breidal, Counsellor, Political

Mr. Tor Skudal, Counsellor, Environment

Ms. Anne Kari Johansen, Counsellor, Science, Higher Education and Research

Mr. Jonas Volden Weltan, First Secretary, Political

Ms. Mona Løvstad Tranøy, Second Secretary, Economy

Ms. Sunniva H. Abrahamsen, Second Secretary, Political

Ms. Tanya Nilsen, Second Secretary, Head of Visa Section

Mr. Andreas G. Sørensen, Second Secretary, Visa

Mr. Audun Lillerud, Attaché, Archive/ICT

Mr. Jesper Kedeborn, Facility Manager

Mr. Yan Lu, Accountant

Ms. Carolina Harrysson, Press/Cultural Officer

Ms. Iris Taletta Lønning, Senior Visa Officer

Ms. Linn Cecilie Roodla, Adm/Consular Officer

Ms. Liu Yinglang, Senior Project Officer, Development

Ms. Wang Qi, Senior Public Diplomacy Officer/Interpreter

Ms. Zou Wenyan, Project Officer, Culture

Ms. Zhao Lijie, PA to Ambassador

Ms. Zhang Yongfang, Adm/Protocol Officer

Ms. Jiang Xuping, Adm/Visa Officer

Ms. Wang Yue, Adm Officer

Ms. Dai Aihua, Senior Visa Officer

Mr. Zang Xuefeng, Adm. assistant

Mr. Yang Dongxu, Technical Assistant

Mr. Fu Jian, Driver

Mr. Li Jie, Driver

Mr. Zhang Jingjing, Driver

Ms. Yang Shuhua, Housekeeping Chancery

Ms. Mei Mingfen, Housekeeping Chancery

Ms. Li Shao Ling, Housekeeping Residence

Ms. Zheng Jian Rong, Housekeeping Residence

Ms. Chen Ziling, Housekeeping Residence

Embassy Trainees

Mr. Torbjørn Amundsen Lien

Mr. Chris Jørgen K. Rødland

Mr. Petter Solheim

Commercial Section (Innovation Norway), Beijing:
Mr. Knut R. Sørlie, Counsellor, Commercial

Mr. Gao Peng, Project Manager

Mr. Lin Song, Senior Adviser

Mr. Zhang Jiwu, Senior Adviser

Ms. Michelle Liu Chao, Management Assistant/Account

Mr. Alex Jian Wu, Senior Adviser

Ms. Qu Lei, Senior Adviser

Mr. Lu Jiansheng, Driver

Mr. Lu Shuwen, Housekeeper 

Ms. Mimi Cathrine Lie, Trainee

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