Norway has had diplomatic representation in China since 1851. During the period of the union between Norway and Sweden, a Norwegian-Swedish Consulate General was established in Guangzhou. In 1853 a Vice Consulate was set up in Shanghai. In 1863 Shanghai became the Consulate General and the station in Guangzhou was turned into a Vice Consulate. Read more

Photo: Royal Norwegian Consulate General.

In Spring 2014 reverend Steinar Rishaug and the Norwegian Consulate General started to find the address of the Norwegian Seamen’s Church premises in Shanghai in the 1930s. On the 18th of September, Rishaug finally went to visit the historical building. Read more

Norwegian ambassador hails 55-year friendship Read more

Oddvar Nordli was the first Norwegian Prime Minister to conduct an official visit to China in 1980. Read more

Thursday 4 January representatives from the Norwegian Embassy visited the locations of the first Norwegian official representation in Beijing. Read more

The Kingdom of Norway and the People’s Republic of China established diplomatic relations on 5 October 1954. The 50-year anniversary has been celebrated throughout the year with official visits, events and business seminar, with the main event being the visit of the President of the Norwegian Parliament, Mr. Jørgen Kosmo, to China and an anniversary reception and concert in Beijing on 8 October. Read more

The ties between the Eastern provinces of China and Norway are longstanding, strong and dynamic. During more than 150 years Norwegians have lived and worked here. Our consular presence in Shanghai dates back to 1853, and in 1906 the Royal Norwegian Consulate General was opened as one of Norway's first independent foreign service missions. The 1990-ies have brought new growth to the Norwegian... Read more