Date: 5. March 2017 18:00 - 5. April 2017 22:00
Location: I: Project space, Banqiao Hutong 10, Beijing
Category: Exhibition

"Accessing the Memory"

How truthful are archived memories?


Archived memories are collections of both tangible and intangible information or informative objects kept from the past. They are collected, kept and passed on by people who have been through, witnessed, related or heard about it. For long, archive serves as a way to keep both collective and personal memories. The political intent of an archive is inherent to the same flaws as humans due to cultural differences and bias. Just like Edward Said suggested in Invention, Memory and Place:“Collective memory is not an inert and passive thing, but a field of activity in which past events are selected, reconstructed, maintained, modified, and endowed with political meaning.”

With the advent of personal computing, the Internet and online database are more often used as tools for cataloging public and private memories but it also raised many questions. Firstly, with the archived memories becoming easier to access and even editable online, we need to question its authenticity and authority. The fast upgrading archiving technics has created many memories we can barely get access to anymore, for example, videotape and soft discs. As Jean Baudrillard described in his theory, in the Internet age, the real memory is gradually disappeared in the stimulated images, the archived memories have become an editable spectacle of the society. 

The exhibition will invite Norwegian and Chinese artists. Through the exhibition, we are going to discuss how memories are kept, archived, interpreted and re-used through the artists’ practices.

Artists: Andrew Amorim (Norway), Deng Yan (China), Liang Ban (China), Terese Longva (Norway), Kobie Nel (South Africa), Georg Óskar (Iceland), Charlotte Piene (Norway), Qi Yafei (China), Kristian Skylstad (Norway), Ye Linghan (China)

Curator: Li Beike

Academic consultant: Gao Yuan

Exhibition coordinator: Qi Yafei

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