Xiaoguang Qiao and Karen Bit Vejie - Paper Dialogues. 
Photo: paperdialogues.com.Xiaoguang Qiao and Karen Bit Vejie - Paper Dialogues. Photo: paperdialogues.com

Paper Dialogues – The Dragon and our Stories by Xiaoguang Qiao and Karen Bit Vejle

The opening ceremony of the exhibition “Paper Dialogues, The Dragon and our Stories” took place at Today Art Museum in Beijing on the 5th of October at 3 pm. In this unique exhibition, which will also be displayed in Shanghai, two paper-cutting artists have come together from two different parts of the world and cultures to create a common artistic platform.

Xiaoguang Qiao from China and Karen Bit Vejle from Norway and Denmark are both recognized paper-cutting artists. In addition to sharing this unique form of expression, they both come from cultures where the dragon has been a prominent mythical creature through thousands of years. They have thus agreed to interpret their own culture and history in a large-scale dragon paper-cut, and present it to each other and to the audience in a joint exhibition.

In this collaboration, both artists will create their paper cuts based on the theme of dragons, a mythical figure that connects China and Norway and has played a significant role in both Chinese and Norwegian arts and craft. In Norway, dragons appeared in Norse mythology, heroic legends, stave churches and Viking ships. In China, the dragon has long history, also the diversity of culture. The dragon has always been and is still a living part of the culture. Its images are adopted in architecture, decorations, everyday items, culture festivals – and not least in paper cuts. During the exhibition in Beijing, the artists also held lecture at Central Academy of Fine Arts.

The artists

Xiaoguang Qiao is a well-known Chinese paper cutting artist and Chinese folk art researcher. He is currently professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing and Head of the Cultural Heritage Research Center. Through paper-cut art, he has been cooperating with several European countries in cultural heritage related projects.

Karen Bit Vejle is one of few recognised psaligraphic artists in Europe who creates large, detailed paper cuts at a very high technical and artistic level.


Beijing: 1-12 October 2014 at Today Art Museum 

Address: 2/F Exhibition Hall No. 2, No. 32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022.


Shanghai: 18-26 October 2014 at Liu Haisu Art Museum

Address: 1665 Hongqiao Rd, by Shuicheng Rd. 虹桥路1665号, Changning District, Shanghai, 200336.


For more information about the exhibition, please click here.

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