Date: 1. January 2016 16:00 - 2. January 2016 21:00
Location: China Film Archive, Beijing
Category: Festival

‘BEYOND FROZEN POINT’ Returns 1-2 January 2016!

For those of you that missed out on the BEYOND FROZEN POINT Film Festival screenings at China Film Archive in December, there is now a second chance to explore the Hight North!

The BEYOND FROZEN POINT Film Festival held in December 2015 saw a great success, and tickets were sold out at a very fast pace. We are pleased to announce that the film festival returns to China Film Archive 1-2 January 2016. You can find more details about the renewed film programme here.

Since the launch of the event in Shanghai in August 2015, our screening has successfully toured around in China telling the unique stories form the North to the Chinese audiences from Shanghai to Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi’an and now our tour has finally come to Beijing.

The harsh nature of the polar region shapes the unique characters of these people.  Their quietness and roughness go hand in hand with their kindness and openness. In the global world today, even at this very special corner of the earth, inhabitants inevitably share many experiences with the rest of the world. Here is where the local meets the global and the traditional meets the modern. The preservation of indigenous culture, protectionism against outsiders, and the prices to be paid for environment and wealth-gaining are some very urgent issues for the Polar Region. Naturally, these are also sources of inspiration for artists and creative minds living here. The Beyond Frozen Point film festival, is showing the stories from the north that these Arctic filmmakers are telling.

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China Film Archive
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Haidian, Beijing 100082
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