Photo: Norway Cup.Photo: Norway Cup

An International Norway Cup

Last updated: 19.07.2012 // Norway Cup, one of the world’s largest yearly football tournaments for children, will take place in Oslo, Norway 29 July - 4 August 2012.

Norway Cup was first arranged in 1972 and over the years it has developed into one of the largest football tournaments in the world with 1400 - 1600 participants from over 50 different nations every year. The players in the tournaments are from the age of 10 to 19.

However, Norway Cup is more than just a sports tournament. Since its early beginning in the 70’s the cup has developed into an event containing more than just football. The football tournament has turned into a social institution, an arena for co-existence, regardless of athletic level, religion, colour, language, culture, tradition and upbringing.

Norway Cup is a unique opportunity for young people from all parts of the world to meet under the banner of competitive sports.

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