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Norwegian drama "Shadows" written by Jon Fosse - 1-2 March 2017 at 8:15 pm at Studio Theatre, HK Cultural Centre Read more

Cartoon Mime is a workshop focusing on drama and stage play, directed by the Norwegian theatre company Teater Joker. Read more

Maja-Stina J. Wang and Emma Hallstrom hosted the workshop “The City of Happiness” at Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) on the 11th April 2016. Read more

Photo: Ibsen International.

Ibsen International is holding a workshop on the new international art and media project Seeds – “ Sleeping Beauty” from March 1-10 this year in Beijing. Read more

The Norwegian theatre ensemble «Teater Joker» will visit Nanjing in November to perform at the Nanjing Cultural Arts Centre. Read more

Norwegian writer Hanne Ørstavik participating in the New Text - New Stage part one in Beijing 2015. 
Photo: Ibsen International.

Ibsen International organizes the workshop New Text - New Stage part II in Shanghai from 15 - 22 November 2015. Read more

Commissioned by Ibsen International and directed by Chinese emerging theatre director Wang Chong, “GHOSTS 2.0” (based on Henrik Ibsen’s original play “Ghosts”) premiered at the Shanghai Mingyuan Contemporary Art Museum 7-9 August 2015. Read more

Photo: Ibsen International.

The play "Tall Tall Mountain and Strange Birds" was staged at Beijing Penghao Theatre on 26th July evening as part of the ‘Changing Public Scenery” program of the 6th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival. Read more

Photo: Norwegian Embassy in Beijing.

The Norwegian Embassy is currently inviting tenders for an evaluation of the Embassy-supported Sino-Norwegian cultural project Ibsen in China (2012-2014) within the field of performing arts. Read more

Ibsen classic play , adapted by Tayao play group, was performed at Pudong New Stage last weekend. Read more

The Norwegian Dance scene has grown rapidly the last 70 years and now enjoys having world renowned artists that make an influence both domestically and abroad. Dance Information Norway is the backbone that promotes the art and support it with its expertise. Read more

The Ibsen Awards is providing funds for professional theatre performances based on Henrik Ibsen´s plays. Read more

This spring Ghost 2.0, An Enemy of the People and When We Dead Awaken will be staged on different theatres in and around Shanghai. Read more

Directed by famous Chinese director Lin Zhaohua, Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece “An Enemy of the People” will be performed in Wenzhou, Hefei and Changzhou soon. Read more

Photo: From

Five different Jon Fosse plays, directed and played by five different nationalities, were performed at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (SDAC) between November 21st and 30th. Read more

Performance photo from Ibsen in One Take. 
Photo: Ibsen International.

The Chinese play Ibsen in One Take, directed by the Chinese director Chong Wang, will be performed during the International Ibsen Festival in Norway. Read more

Ibsen workshop. 
Photo: Silje Wahl.

May 10th, the Ibsen in China project held a showcase workshop at the Pioneer Theatre in Beijing. Read more

Photo: The Ibsen Museum.

Scholarship funds amounting to NOK 1,000,000,- (approx. 120.000 Euro/162.000 US Dollars) will be awarded to projects worldwide. Read more

Photo: Knut Bry.

The border tells the story about a man and a woman who share a workplace. Mutual respect is a virtue, but, beneath the surface, a territorial war is taking place. Read more

Photo: NCPA.

In January 2014 A Doll’s House is to be brought to the stage again by the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA), to mark the 100 year anniversary for its first performance in China. Read more