«The City of Happiness» - A workshop on inter-cultural collaboration

Maja-Stina J. Wang and Emma Hallstrom hosted the workshop “The City of Happiness” at Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) on the 11th April 2016.


The participants were invited representatives within education and culture in Shanghai, among others from East China Normal University, STA, The Dramatic Arts Centre, Swedish Clowns Without Borders, Shanghai Li Yingning Educational Drama Development Centre and the Norwegian and the Swedish Consulates General. By using the method of “Process drama” the participants explored xenophobia and the challenges of cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

“Process drama” as a tool within education is a well-known concept in Europe, USA and Australia. At the workshop Wang and Hallstrom demonstrated how the method can be useful also in today’s Chinese society, improving cross-cultural interaction, confidence and concentration, problem-solving and tackling stress, among other things. The participants at the workshop had to use creative thinking, teamwork and role-play to solve different scenarios in a virtual world, like a village far away, a long time ago. They had to explore different ways of communicating and understanding, and how to turn ideas into action under time pressure.

Wang and Hallstrom are currently developing “Process drama” as a tool of improving communication and problem-solving skills not only at schools but also for businesses and other workplaces in China. For more information they may be contacted on emmahallstrom@hotmail.com

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