Norwegian High School Visits China

For the first time Ålesund VGS (high school) sent a group of students on a trip to China in November 2016 as a part of their Chinese language and culture program.

The high school entered into a five-year cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Broadcast and Television College (JSBC) in Nanjing in April 2016 and are now planning yearly student trips to China to visit their partner college. The study trips will also be used to establish relations with Norwegian companies that have ties to the Sunnmøre region in Norway, as well as to connect with Innovation Norway’s China offices and the Consulate General in Shanghai. Very few Norwegian high schools offer Chinese in their curriculum.

The Ålesund students spent ten days in China, including five days in Nanjing. Their partner school had prepared the visit well, with a busy program consisting of half days at the school and half days visiting Nanjing and surrounding areas. The students got to try their hands on calligraphy and kung fu and even a friendly football match between the two schools was on the agenda. The reminding time in China were spent visiting Shanghai and Suzhou where the students attended a number of activities, and also meeting Norwegian companies and contacts, including Ulstein, Sperre, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Consulate General.

The students’ own experiences were recorded through a blog, which you can read here (Norwegian only): :

A video from the trip, that was made by one of the Norwegian students have also been uploaded on Youtube:

The students at JSBC also recorded the stay through a number of daily video clips and pictures that you can find here.

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