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November 18 saw the closing workshop for the Phase 2 of the Sino-Norwegian Cooperative Project on Persistent Organic Pollutants (SiNoPOP 2). The Embassy participated and an opening speech was held by Tor Skudal, Counsellor on Environment. Read more

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The Paris climate summit and UN talks have just been launched. The governments of more than 190 nations will gather in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015 to discuss a new global climate change agreement for the post-2020 period. Read more

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The fleet of electric vehicles (EV) in Norway is the world’s largest per capita and Oslo is "the EV capital of the world". Read more

The 2015 China Carbon Pricing Survey was launched 8 Sept. at the UN Compound in Beijing followed by a launch at the Norwegian Environment Agency 11 Sept. in Oslo. The survey, which is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, elicited expectations about the future of China’s carbon price from 304 China-based stakeholders. Read more

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Norway is leading the world’s electric vehicle market. 13 percent of all new cars sold in 2014 have been electric cars, and as of April this year, there are 50,000 electric cars registered in Norway. Read more

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How much time are you stuck in traffic jam every day? How much money do you spend on electricity and hot water a year? These questions are relevant in China and Norway alike and Norwegian entrepreneurs are currently trying to find better solutions through green building. Read more

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With this announcement, the total amount pledged to the Fund has now reached the equivalent of USD 9.95 billion. Read more

«Ship of the Year 2014». 
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The battery driven ferryboat “ZeroCat” won the title “Ship of the Year 2014”. State secretary Dilek Ayhan at the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries handed out the prize during the Maritime Exhibition in Hamburg. Read more

China’s economy is continuing to grow at an impressive rate but so, unfortunately, is the pollution of China’s air, water and soil. As a result of the increasing pollution and tightened environmental regulations, the water and waste handling industry in China is seeking leading technologies from abroad to help solve China’s environmental challenges. Norway has much to offer. Read more

Tine Sundtoft, Minister of Climate and Environment . 
Photo: The Ministry of Climate and Environment.

On Earth Day, April 22th, Environment Counsellor Mr. Tor Skudal of the Norwegian Embassy gave an interview to Beijing Radio Station on the use of electric cars in Norway. The interview focused on why the government has chosen to support use of electric cars, what kind of measures are being taken to further promote this use, and what progress has been made so far.   According to Mr. Skudal, th Read more

On April 1st, on the occasion of Norwegian tidal energy company Flumill’s visit to China, Innovation Norway and China New Energy Chamber of Commerce (CNECC) jointly organized a tidal energy seminar at the Norwegian embassy in Beijing. Read more

A new shipment of seeds from food plants has been deposited in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault for long-term storage. The shipment, which was transported to the seed vault in Longyearbyen this week, contains 20,000 seed samples from Japan, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and the USA. Read more

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On December 10th the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) signed a five year programme agreement worth NOK 150 million. Read more

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Norwegian companies presented sought-after expertise to South Chinese industry. Read more

The Zhejiang-Norway Seminar on Water Resource Management and Waste Handling was jointly organized by Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai and Zhejiang Environment Protection Bureau (Zhejiang EPB) on November 8th 2013 in Hangzhou. Read more

On August 19th 2013, on the occasion of launching the English edition of “Concrete and Sustainability”, the Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway co-organised a seminar and book launch in Beijing. The book is written by the internationally renowned experts Sui Tongbo and Per Jahren, and published by Chemical Industrial Press and CRC press, an imprint of Taylor & Francis Group. Read more

The English edition of Concrete and Sustainability written by the internationally renowned experts Sui Tongbo and Per Jahren and jointly published by the Chemical Industry Press and Taylor and Francis Group, will be launched at a ceremony held at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing on 19th August 2013, at 15:00. Read more

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Norway will be founding member of the new international Global Green Growth Institute. Read more

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World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action. World Environment Day activities take place all year round but climax on 5 June every year, involving everyone from everywhere. Read more

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The office of the Norwegian Prime Minister published 26.04.2012 a press release regarding Norwegian climate efforts. Read more