Picture: Ståle Frydenlund/Norsk ElbilforeningPicture: Ståle Frydenlund/Norsk Elbilforening

Norway Has the World’s Largest Fleet of Electric Cars

Last updated: 13.10.2015 // The fleet of electric vehicles (EV) in Norway is the world’s largest per capita and Oslo is "the EV capital of the world".

Norway’s promotion of electric cars can be characterized by relatively high government subsidies, exemption of taxes and fees, as well as privilege use of bus lanes. Because of the favorable market for electric vehicles, the number of such cars on Norwegian roads has increased rapidly during the last years. According to statistics from Norwegian EV association, every one out of four cars sold in Norway is electric. And in April 2015, Norway reached the electric car target of 50,000.

The popularity of electric cars has made Norway the largest market for EV companies, but it has also had some unintended consequences. According to Norwegian news, criticism prevails regarding the incentives, for example some complaint about increasing traffic congestion in some of Oslo's bus lanes increase due to the number of electric cars blocking the road.

Nonetheless, Norway is leading on in the development of an emission free car fleet, which is an important measure contributing to reducing climate changes. According to sohu.com, China is now looking to Norway. The city of Shenzhen wants to be the first to create a Norwegian styled roadway environment by expanding their electric car fleet. Read more about Norway’s electric car fleet at the Norwegian EV association’s webpage.

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