Photo: Photo: "Join & Share 聚贤荟" BI-Fudan MBA项目同学会

BI-Fudan MBA Program 2014 Charity Event

Last updated: 04.08.2014 // This year’s BI Norwegian Business School - Fudan University MBA Program annual charity event fell on 27 July 2014. A group of lovely children from Jiading Xingzhi School were invited to visit Fudan University, and a series of activities for were arranged for them.

In the morning, the children went on a guided tour to the history museum of Fudan University as well as the ceramics exhibition. Three interactive lectures were given in the afternoon session. It started with an introduction of Norway by Ms Li Li from the Royal Norwegian Consulate General Shanghai, followed by “the secrets of airplane” shared by BI-Fudan MBA Program class 20 Mr. Zhu Qiuzhi, and the last lecture was a talk about the presence, history and future of Shanghai given by BI-Fudan MBA Program class 19 Mr. Liu Xiaojia.

To show their appreciation for this wonderful trip, the children performed recitation of “Di Zi Gui” (Standards for being a Good Pupil and Child), a book derived from the Analects of Confucius to emphasis the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others.

This event was initiated by BI-Fudan MBA Program students association “Join & Share” in 2007. Every summer in the last seven years, they have been organizing events for students from Jiading Xingzhi School, where students are mainly from migrant workers’ family.  Students and alumni from BI-Fudan MFA program have been making great efforts to prove that charity can be more than just material donation. A “spiritual charity event”- concern about what children’s spiritual needs are, will make the charity event more meaningful.

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