Logo shows gate to the North

Last updated: 03.09.2014 // Norway leads the way to the Arctic. Now, we have created a logo to symbolise it.

The three Norwegian missions in China (Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai) together with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council in China have got a new shared visual identity, an image produced by SHType. Norway means the way to the North – the road to the High North, the Arctic. Therefore, the core concept of the new symbol is that Norway is the way, the gate to the North. The form of the logo is originated from the Chinese character of gatemen, 门. From that open door you can see the Norwegian landscape – of cliffs, waterfalls, white snow, icebergs, mountains and rocks. Nature and energy. Powered by nature, Norway is an Arctic nation in terms of science, environment, tourism, business, culture, education and in our foreign policy outlook. Look to the North.

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