Photo: Erik Jørgensen/Innovation Norway.Photo: Erik Jørgensen/Innovation Norway

Multiple Entry Visas

Applicants may in certain cases be granted a visa with multiple entries.

Multiple entry visas with maximum 90 days validity:

A Schengen visa is generally issued for a single entry. If the applicant plans to travel outside the Schengen area and return within the period of the visa, the box for “Two entries” or “Multiple entries” must be ticked off in the visa application form. The Embassy will then assess if there is a genuine need for a multiple entry visa.

The application must be accompanied by an explanation of why two or more entries are required.

If there is a particular need, a Schengen visa may be granted for a specified or unspecified number of entries within a 12-month period.

Multiple entry visas with up to five years validity:

A multiple entry visa with a validity of up to five years may in certain cases be granted by the Embassy. For the Embassy to grant such a multiple entry visa all the general requirements for a regular Schengen visa must be fulfilled (valid passport, flight booking, documentation of sufficient funds, travel medical insurance etc.).

 The applicant must also:

1.      Document previous frequent trips to Norway

2.      Have previously complied with the visa regulations by leaving the Schengen area within the expiry of the visa

3.      Document a genuine future need for multiple entries to Norway within the requested period

Categories of applicants who may be granted multiple entry visas are:

1.      Bona fide business partners of Norwegian companies that frequently visit Norway.

2.      Spouses, co-habitants and children of Norwegian citizens living in China.

3.      Spouses, co-habitants and children of persons with a valid work/- residence permit in Norway

4.      Foreign officials who are to attend meetings in Norway (official meetings).

5.      Persons who are to participate in scientific, cultural or sports-related official programs.

The requirement in these cases is that the applicant submits a travel medical insurance valid for the first trip, and make sure to hold a valid travel medical insurance also for the subsequent visits. Please be informed that even with a one-year multiple-entry visa, the applicant cannot stay in the Schengen area more than 90 days within any 180 day period.

An applicant who has been granted a multiple entry visa with a validity of up to 12 months and has complied with the visa regulations, may then apply for a multiple entry visa for two or three years, provided that the need for such a visa is documented. Having been granted a multiple visa for two or three years, an applicant may then apply for a maximum of five years.


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