Hiking at The Jostedals glacier. 
Photo: Anders Gjengedal - Visitnorway.com.Hiking at The Jostedals glacier. Photo: Anders Gjengedal - Visitnorway.com

Fancy a summer vacation in Norway - explore the great Norwegian outdoors through hiking

Last updated: 16.08.2013 // Activity seeking and nature lovers alike will find numerous opportunities to enjoy a holiday full of outdoor adventures in Norway.

You will find a network of all maintained, marked trails with different difficulty levels and cabins all over the country. It is possible both to explore the areas on your own, or join a professional guide to explore more remote places. Specialist hiking lodges and hotels are situated in ideal hiking terrains. They offer maps and help you plan your hikes and walks. Many of them also give you the opportunity to sample traditional food.


Photo: Anders Gjengedal - Visitnorway.com.Photo: Anders Gjengedal - Visitnorway.com

You can choose from a variety of guided hiking tours. The Sognefjord area is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, with many different routes for both experienced and inexperienced adventures. Norway’s most popular hiking area is Jotunheimen National Park which is characterized by Norway’s highest mountains and glaciers. Here you can find an enormous net of marked trails and mountain lodges to choose from. The Norwegian Trekking Association has listed 10 of the most popular and iconic mountain hikes in Norway. You can read more about them here.  

Book an organized hike if you want accommodation and luggage transportation. Several foreign tour operators can arrange such trips for you. Either you are a new hiker or are experienced, you will find the tour that suits you in the beautiful Norwegian mountains with fresh air, clean water and an unforgettable view. For more information please click here.

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