Norway in your pocket. 
Photo: Innovation Norway.Norway in your pocket. Photo: Innovation Norway

“Norway – In Your Pocket”

A new tourist information brochure published by Innovation Norway offers an excellent overview of Norwegian travel destinations as well as useful travel facts.

Norway is growing as a favoured tourist destination, a development that is very positive. Whether it is to go hiking, skiing or to see the Northern Lights, Norway offers stunning nature, unique culture and exciting cuisine. This brand new guide gives a complete overview of the most popular tourist destinations, accompanied with interesting facts and useful traveling information.

Please click here, for the brochure.

Norway has received many positive reviews in international media in 2014. National Geographic Adventure recommended Ålesund in Fjord Norway and Tromsø in Northern Norway as excellent destinations for active holidays, and that other places in Europe must watch out for Norway as a popular extreme sports destination. Whereas Huffington Post claimed, Norway is “The Greatest Place on Earth”.

Northern Lights is a phenomenon that has become hugely popular with tourists, who flock to the north of Norway to see this spectacular sight. Lonely Planet awarded the Arctic Norway with 5th place on its Best in Travel 2015 list. Although Northern Norway is infamous for its spectacular lights, Lonely Planet highlights the unique event that will block out all light, with the moon blocking the sun for a few minutes. On March 20th, it will be possible to experience a total solar eclipse at Svalbard. This celestial event will not take place again in Europe until 2026 and the conditions at Svalbard makes it particularly suitable to witness it there, amongst polar bears and wilderness.

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